Porsche 914-6 – 1970

Restaureret med originale dele. Bilen er restaureret med originale dele og motor er renoveret i Slagelse Cylinder Service.

Porsche 914-6 – 1970 is here completely original with matching numbers, original hubcaps in very good condition and complete tool set. The car runs and starts immediately, needs fine tuning in the carburetor. It brakes straight and like new, and steers well and easily. All instruments work and all buttons work, except for the horn. The leather on your car’s steering wheel needs to be soaked and re-stitched or re-leathered. Lights, lamps and flaps work. The Targa roof is easily removed (two screws missing) and stored in the trunk on sunny days.

The car is currently not running in 4. and 5th gear due to the installation of a new nylon bushing for the gear lever. It drips oil from the lower valve cover on the right side, it needs to be repacked. There is a little oil dripping from the left center return pipe gasket, it needs to be changed.

The car has been refurbished and fully repainted, where it has been stored in a dry hall and has never been outside a gate until now. It was originally imported from the USA. When the first owner passed away, his friend took over the car and became The 2nd owner and seller of the car today is 3. owner. This Porsche 914 – 6 has been renovated in body, interior, engine, brakes, shock absorbers, suspension, etc. Engine has been renovated by Helge Olsen ApS – Cylinderservice Slagelse. The car was newly serviced in week 23, 2023. The car is in very good condition. There are some minor paint defects, see pictures. Includes a lot of parts, moldings, tank, pumps etc. (see last image). There are two folders with documentation of the renovation, and manuals and workshop books are included, see the pictures at the end.

Factory specification

Delivered 01.01. 1970.
Color 2910 lemon yellow.
Interior 11 – Black faux leather.
Electric heated rear window, 2 layers of heated glass
Windshield tinted in the top pen.
Tire 5.5 JX15 165VR15 rating
Complete tool kit (see images)

It’s taken a while, but now the Porsche 914 has become an icon, especially this 914/6Porsche. The 914 6-cylinder is now a legendary sports car that was produced from 1969 to 1976. It was developed in collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen and is known for its distinctive design and excellent performance. It’s equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine that delivers up to 110 hp, giving it impressive performance. The Porsche 914 6-cylinder is also one of the few Porsche models with a mid-mounted engine, which provides great weight distribution and superior driving dynamics. It’s popular among enthusiasts for its fun and dynamic driving experience. Although underrated in its day, the Porsche 914 6-cylinder is today recognized as a true classic and a highly sought-after collector’s car.

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