Datsun 280Z

Kom til at køre i en af de mest legendariske Datsuns, nemlig en 280z HLS30. Du får den her i original Datsun 110 Red med sort interieur. Står næsten original, med få opgraderinger så som 240z kofangere.

This Datsun 280Z – 1976 is completely rust-free and imported from Texas. It has only traveled 59,306 miles = 94900 km. Previous owner has owned it since 1984. The car has received some cosmetic upgrades such as 240z bumpers. The car has been driven until 2006, when it was garaged. The entire car is repainted, but only on the outside. All moldings have been removed, only the windshield has not been removed.

The car has a 2.8L straight six with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Although the car is close to 50 years old, it is equipped with good equipment such as; air conditioning, electric antenna, original 8 track stereo with cassette player.

The car has been replaced:

Seat cover
Water pump
Newly refurbished radiator with copper pipes Fuel pump Spark plugs
Master cylinder Brake shoes Brake hoses Brake discs
Refurbished calibers
Refurbished brake cylinders

What is a Datsun 280Z

The Datsun 280Z is a timeless classic that still catches the eye with its elegant design and sporty performance. This car, produced in the 1970s, has managed to retain its appeal and remain an icon in the automotive world.

With its aerodynamic shape and streamlined curves, the Datsun 280Z is a true feast for the eyes. The body lines, which extend elegantly from front to rear, reflect an era of car making that celebrates simplicity and elegance. Despite its age, the 280Z has retained its appeal and still looks modern on the road.

Under the hood pulses a powerful engine that combines performance and reliability. The responsive acceleration and agile handling make the driving experience with the Datsun 280Z special. The interior design is a mix of retro charm and modern conveniences, giving drivers a nostalgic feel without compromising on comfort.

The 280Z is not only a classic, but also a car that brings car enthusiasts together today. Enthusiastic owners invest time and energy in preserving and restoring these vehicles to maintain their authentic beauty. The car is enjoying a new renaissance, with young and experienced car enthusiasts alike appreciating its unique design and historical significance.

Even today, the Datsun 280Z is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of a bygone era and an expression of the enduring fascination of car culture.

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