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Car hunting as a buyer

If you’ve zeroed in on a car on this site that you just have to own, it’s quite simple. Either the car is up for auction and you can bid on it. Then you’d better hope that you’re the one who wins the auction. However, there are also some cars that have a “Buy Now” price. This means that there is a fixed price you can buy the car for and skip the wait until the auction is over. That way, you can secure the car you’ve been dreaming about, so no one can outbid you. An auction stops as soon as someone presses the ‘Buy Now’ button.

When you win

When you win a hammer price at auction or buy at the ‘Buy Now’ price, the buyer’s premium will be deducted immediately after the hammer price or ‘Buy Now’. The amount of the car’s price, on the other hand, you settle with the seller. You receive the seller’s info and the seller receives yours at hammer price. The car is picked up by either you or the carrier and you manage the transfer of the money.

Buyer’s fee

Whether you buy the car at an auction or ‘Buy Now’, there is a buyer’s premium of 8% incl. VAT. This is stated in each individual auction. However, a maximum buyer’s fee of DKK 55,000 can be paid, i.e. if you buy a Ferrari 812 GTS for DKK 4,200,000, you will never pay more than the DKK 55,000 in fees incl. VAT and NOT the 8%. There is a minimum fee of DKK 5,000.


If you want the car delivered to a desired address in Denmark or Sweden, we can also help you with that. The price is set according to where the car is to be picked up and delivered. Prices for delivery in Denmark range between DKK 2,200 and DKK 6,000. + VAT.

Prices to and from Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us or mention it when we contact you if you would like to take advantage of this option.

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