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Contact us here with the specialty car, youngtimer, classic, supercar or dream car you want to sell. You can do this for free on this page.

Here you will find a form that you must fill out to the best of your ability, i.e. you can skip the fields you may not know what they mean. However, it’s important that you remember the VIN/Number, Model, Engine and a lot of detailed pictures

If there are any defects, flaws, scratches or anything else in the negative category, it is important that you describe it and take pictures of it.

Easy and straightforward

A car specialist will review your car and information and then contact you. Together, you set a realistic minimum price that the car can never be sold below, as well as a desired price. Together you can decide if you want it to run on Auction or Buy Now or if you want buyers to have both options.

You’ll be taken through the entire process by our automotive specialists, making it as easy and seamless for you as possible.

Remember, you can always contact us at or +45 31391424 if you have any questions or concerns.

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The reserve price is a pre-set minimum price required for your car to sell at auction.

For example, if your reserve price is set to $10.00 , you car will only sell if the highest end bid is at or above $10.00.

Conversely, saying No to a Reserve or setting a No Reserve auction your car will simply sell to the highest bidder, regardless of the amount.

Selling with a reserve can help protect the seller and ensure they receive a certain minimum price for their car.

Selling with no reserve can help sellers garner more interest in their car. In addition, selling without a reserve can help sell the car for a higher price point due to the increased volume of buyers who prefer to bid on No Reserve auctions.

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