About us

CarBeat Chasing Cars Ferrari 812

Who are we?

Who, what, where and why?

CarBeat Chasing Cars is packed with car-loving people who live and breathe cars. Whether it’s new cars, supercars, classic cars, youngtimers or specialty cars, hearts beat for the cars. Originally from 2017, Carbeat was formed by Philip Jacobi Zahle and two other guys, who unfortunately had to withdraw from the project. They are both participating in div. video recordings every now and then.

They slipped

CarBeat started as a site with articles about cars, stories, tests and some sales of accessories in the form of RaceBox and Cars N Colours. Ideas abound at CarBeat, and at the end of 2021, plans began for a new CarBeat site that would focus on car auctions and the sale of space cars. A site where specialty cars can be put up for sale for free. A site that easily and safely connects buyers and sellers.

They slipped

In 2022, CarBeat catches the eye of a car-loving investor who immediately gets the idea of CarBeat and the thoughts. He agrees to invest in the project. The initial meetings were held and there was continued interest from investors to invest in CarBeat. Unfortunately, Russia invades Ukraine on February 24, 2022, shaking much of the stock market. Investors are forced to pull out of the project, which everyone agrees is the right thing to do in order to wait and see. Unfortunately for the ‘CarBeat Auction’ project, it was put on hold

You can score from a corner

CarBeat won’t be touched for just over a year. But in the early summer of 2023, Philip revisits CarBeat, dusts off the dust and polishes off the ideas, and slowly CarBeat begins to move again, perhaps in an even sharper form than previously envisioned, and even faster. CarBeat Chasing Cars is designed from start to finish, including the website, the idea, the cars and the way it will be driven.

Autoshow 2023 in Odense

On the weekend of August 18-20, 2023, Martin “Pyramiden” will host his fantastic event Autoshow. It is Denmark’s largest and most versatile car fair and show. CarBeat will have a stand in Hall A, where CarBeat Chasing Cars will be presented to the public for the first time, even though the site is not 100% operational.
‘It was a chance given to us by Martin and we took it, even though we knew we couldn’t be 100% ready, but it was important to know CarBeat Chasing Cars, get reactions and get new members on. And it went amazingly well,’ says Philip.

What’s next?

We work hard every day to provide you with a fantastic Danish/European hunting ground where you can go car hunting for your next car. A place where you can shop with ease and in a completely safe environment. A place you can contact if you have a specific request you want us to hunt down for you. A car auction site that specializes in specialty cars and runs 100% online.

We offer you, who have a car for sale, a place where you can easily put your car up for sale for free. A place where your car sits alongside other specialty cars and doesn’t drown in everyday cars. A place where you don’t have to hand over the car to a third party. Here, your car can remain in its own space in your own environment. You only release the car when all agreements with the buyer have been fulfilled.

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