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Magnesium wheels with semi-slicks, sports undercarriage with shock absorber control, bulletproof doors, lap timers, wild spoilers, foiling, tinted windows, colored seat belts, spacers, sports steering wheel and small smart coolers. The range of car extras is always huge – and drool-worthy.

More and more of the gadgets on the market are digital, and of course we have some for you. Now you can e.g. Challenge your friends on drag times, laps on your favorite tracks and much more fun, as well as enjoy our merch.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on a great CarBeat Chasing Cars equipment list. And it’s coming right here. Enjoy

PS: Don’t forget to stop by, as we are constantly updating our inventory with exciting items and merch.

Optional extras & Merch

RaceBox Pro fåes hos CarBeat.dk

RaceBox Pro

All in one box

RaceBox Pro is the most modern and accurate way to measure your car’s performance – in fact, measuring 0-100, 1/4 mile or lap times on the track at trackdays has never been easier.

The ‘Drag Meter‘ feature gives you almost unlimited possibilities to measure your car’s performance. Whether you want to know how fast it accelerates, how much distance it travels or anything in between, RaceBox can measure it.

If you love trackdays, are a semi-professional or just plain curious about how fast your lap times are, RaceBox has your back. The ‘LapTimer‘ feature allows you to measure your lap times and improve your driving techniques – without having to stop and check your results. Smart, right?

But it doesn’t stop here….

CarBeat RaceBox Mini mobil

RaceBox Mini

Little gizmo… BIG GUTS

The world’s most advanced GPS timer, Drag Meter and Lap Timer with LEAN.

The RaceBox Mini is even more versatile than its big brother. RaceBox Mini has LEAN, which measures the inclination of motorcycles, mountain bikes and boats.

The box is displayless and talks directly to your mobile phone, delivering data at a blistering 25Hz.
This means that the RaceBox Mini has excellent accuracy – in fact, down to 5-10 cm.
Oh, and the little Mini is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about taking it out in the rain or mounting it on your boat.

Smart, right?

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