Mercedes 280 SL

Bliv kørende allerede i dag i denne 'Turn Key' Mercedes 280 SL, der står i rigtig fin og rustfri stand.

Anyone who has seen the TV series Dallas will remember what Bobby Ewing drove. Yes, a red Mercedes W107 as this model designation is called from Mercedes.
This car was brought home from Germany, and is originally from Germany, so this is a European spec W107 with the M110 engine.

This Mercedes 280 SL W107 – 1975 (Euro model) is in very good condition. Yes, there are small things on it, but all in all a really nice SL. The car is in a very nice clear red color with no rust. All chrome trim is fine, however, there is a small dent in the chrome on the radiator grille surround. There is also a small crack in a chrome cover by the passenger door (see pictures of the whole thing).

There is not much to say about the car’s paint and plates, whether it has been repainted, the seller does not know, but the work is fine. There is a small paint bubble on the left front above the headlight. It looks like a rust bubble, but it doesn’t quite feel like one, but it’s the only one of its kind.


There are some very soft and not very deep dents in a few places on the door, tailgate and behind the hood, but they’re so soft and flat that they’re hard to take pictures of, and again, they’re minor.

The interior is again quite nice. It is black and in very good condition. There is a small hole of approx. 1 x 0.5 cm. in the driver’s seat. There are two fan buttons missing and the wood on the passenger side by the glove box has a small flaw. But otherwise, the entire cabin is really, really nice. May need a new turn signal switch

If you were to do anything to the cabin it would be to buy new seat cushions as they are a bit flat, but that’s a classic Mercedes thing.

The car starts really well, ‘chugging’ a little on cold start but quickly the idle becomes smooth and sounds just as it should.
The car runs and steers well. The gearshift is perfect and so are the brakes.

So here you get a ‘Turn Key’ Mercedes 280 SL on Danish license plates, so you can start driving right away. The car is due for inspection 4 month 2024, but it should be a formality to get it through right away.

What is a 280SL

This luxury sports car is known for its timeless elegance and reliability.

The car’s body is beautiful and aerodynamic, with elegant lines and curves that still look modern today. The iconic pagoda roof design adds a unique element to the car’s aesthetics.

Under the hood, you’ll find a powerful 2.8-liter six-cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance.
The engine combined with a smooth gearbox provides a comfortable driving experience.

The interior of the Mercedes 280 SL is just as luxurious as the exterior. It’s equipped with premium materials and comfortable seats. The dashboard is simple and elegant with classic wood details and a contemporary style.

Driving a Mercedes 280 SL is a nostalgic experience that brings back memories of a bygone era of car manufacturing.
This car is not only a means of transportation, but also a work of art on wheels that is still admired by car lovers around the world.

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