Buick Roadmaster Trunkback Sedan

Buick Roadmaster Trunkback Sedan – 1937 was repainted in 2001, stored for more than 20 years in Denmark.
The car was imported to Denmark in 2002 and has only 58,712 original miles, equivalent to 93,940 km.
The original Row 8 engine runs very well, with about 130 horsepower.
The 3-speed manual gearbox with floor shift and a custom BUICK logo shift knob also shifts gears just as it should.
The body is in very nice and rust-free condition, there is a small imperfection as seen in one of the pictures. The curves and details speak for themselves. Stylish running boards and duel side-mounted spare wheels with correct covers complete the formal look.

Upgraded color

Buick Roadmaster Trunkback Sedan – 1937 was originally blue and the current paint is also blue, but with a slight pearlescent effect added – it’s not metallic paint.
The 6 wide white white wall tires are in new condition.
The interior is original and could do with a little TLC or reupholstery, but it can be used as is.
The car has some homemade wiring for the lights that needs upgrading, drives well and is solid on the road, drawing many long glances. The seller includes an authentic-looking plastic replica Tommy Gun with the sale of the car. 😊

This model is one of the last Buick models to be produced with a wood body. The smaller series cars were steel-bodied. Very few of these survived rust and rot. The model was a very expensive luxury car in its day.

Straight from ‘over there’

This car comes from Tucson, Arizona, and is said to have been owned by a doctor as its first owner.
The ART DECO details on this model are everywhere. From the glass (not plastic) light lenses to the accented seat belts in the rear seating area. There are 2 cigar lighters in the rear area with a cranked vent window to either side of the passenger area. A folding footrest, a cord mounted on the back of the front seat and a sun visor that rolls up to the rear window are some of the luxuries in the passenger area.
The rare original AM radio is still in the dashboard and the running boards act as the radio’s antenna.

The original heating system is complete.
‘Suicide doors’ are a classic feature.
Strong hydraulic brakes.
A new 6 volt battery has just been installed.

All repair manuals and some other interesting items are included with the car.
All things considered, this is a rare original, complete luxury car. Which the seller believes is the only one of its kind in Denmark.

What is a Roadmaster

The Buick Roadmaster Trunkback Sedan is a luxury car model produced by Buick, a renowned car manufacturer. Introduced in 1936 as part of Buick’s Century series, this car model is known for its impressive combination of style, power and comfort.

This car has a distinctive design with its elegant, streamlined body and a trunk lid that stood out as a ‘trunkback’, giving it a unique and period look. The car is powered by a powerful engine that gives it good performance and impressive handling.

The interior was designed with comfort in mind and featured spacious and well-equipped seats and modern conveniences for the time. The dashboard is stylish and functional, adding to the overall aesthetic of the car.

The 1937 Buick Roadmaster Trunkback Sedan was a symbol of elegance and status in its era.

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