VW GOLF MK1 Convertible – 1989

Vellidt, charmerende, velholdt og velkørende 80er ikon, der altid trækker lange blikke og smil. Den er stadig populær den dag i dag. Faktisk var denne model den dyreste Volkswagen havde på sit program dengang.

Here you get a VW GOLF MK1 Cabriolet – 1989. It’s one of the most iconic cars from the 1980s. VW Rabbit it was called in the US. Many in Europe renamed their Golf to Rabbit and had the fine Rabbit logo with the rabbit, just like this car has.

This VW GOLF/Rabbit MK1 Cabriolet is elegantly styled with many Wolfsburg parts such as mats, chrome window lift handles and the highly coveted Wolfsburg steering wheel. The car is equipped with dual headlight grilles from an MK2 with halo daytime running lights with crystal parabolas. The side mirrors are originally painted white and can be adjusted from the inside, very luxurious.

VW GOLF MK1 Cabriolet – The 1989 starts and runs perfectly. It’s lowered and has Turbine alloy wheels with Nürburg-Ring center hubs (missing one). The door handles are in chrome and match the chrome side strips. The car’s cabin and seats are in near-new condition, and the front seats are heated. The dashboard is in good condition, the glove box closes as it should, all four window lifts work. The canopy is the nice thick fabric canopy that is as new and has a heated glass rear window.

The bottom of the car is very good with no rust. The car has colored Karmann Ghia sides, fenders and bumpers. There is a small paint damage on the left corner of the rear bumper, as another car has scraped it, but no dents.

A joint in the exhaust needs to be tightened up. The right far-light bulb is out. Missing locking pin in the left door, but the lock is fully functional. Horn switch in steering wheel needs adjustment. Black A-pillar moulding is missing. The car has passed the Swedish inspection.

The car’s equipment list can be found below:

BlueTooth radio in retro design to match the style
Wolfsburg Council
Wolfsburg mats
Wolfsburg logos on the site
Wolfsburg rudehejs
Factory-tinted windows
Seat heating in front seats
Adjustable interior exterior mirrors
Sun-tinted stripe in windscreen
White tin
15″ alloy wheels
Lowered undercarriage approx. 30mm
Nangkang Ultra Sport tires 185/45r15 almost new
White VW logo in radiator grille
Rabbit logo on the tailgate

The car is sold without DK tax but becomes a veteran on month 5. month 2024 and thus lower tax. Tax assessment can be obtained at SKAT.dk

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