Volkswagen T2 Type 2

A Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Bay Window bus with 13 windows, perfect for getting a nice and healthy Bullie. The car is not in perfect condition and has some rust, but it’s very minor. The car is from 1976 and has been surfing the Brazilian streets.
It’s like a bus with just the right patina. The color is the very classic VW Beige with patinated lacquer. You can repaint or keep the car as it is and enjoy the patina that tells stories.

The seller writes that the bus is an obvious project to create the coolest camper and has a very healthy base.

Powerful 1,600 cc. engine that runs really well and sounds as it should. the same goes for the gears, which also shift just as they should.

DK customs and VAT have been paid, but just need the final touches to be able to hit the streets.
Brakes, lights and steering should be checked before the inspection.

There is an extra tank with its own fuel cap from when it could run on Bio-methanol. It can easily be changed to a diesel tank for the boiler.
Large spare parts catalog at JP Groupe Viborg, so it’s easy to get parts for your car.

The seller estimates the tax at approx. 6,800 kr. Since the seller has a 1977 on charge and paid the same amount.
Weight tax 1/1 yearly 1200kr.
Liability/comprehensive insurance 1200kr


What is a VW T2 Type2

The 1976 Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Bay Window bus with 13 windows is an iconic vehicle that encapsulates the nostalgic era of the hippie movement and the legendary 1970s lifestyle. This distinctive camper van is a continuation of the well-known T1 Bulli, but with improvements and changes that made it more modern and functional.

Produced between 1967 and 1979, the bus was popular for its distinctive shape with an enlarged windshield, which provided better visibility and more light in the cabin. With 13 windows, it exudes an open and airy atmosphere that appealed to those who wanted to embrace the freedom of the road. The rear-wheel drive and air-cooled engine are distinctive features that emphasize the car’s reliability and simplicity.

This model was often transformed into a “hippie bus” and used as a symbol of freedom and alternative lifestyle. With room for camping gear and a distinctive look, it became a hallmark for adventurous souls who wanted to explore the world on four wheels. Even today, this Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Bay Window bus remains a welcome nostalgia for car enthusiasts and a symbol of an era of creativity and freedom.

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