Volkswagen Bobble Model 111

Now is the time if you want a super nice and stylish Volkswagen Bobbel Model 111 – 1971 in one of the most classic colors. This version is a really cool cruiser and it’s ready to go. It’s lowered well at the front and has the beautiful Porsche Speedster wheels on it. The original folding roof works perfectly and opens and closes easily as it should. The step boards are like new and the bottom is so nice.

The car is in a fairly good condition, with some minor imperfections. The car has been repainted and it could have been done better, but overall it is a very good and healthy specimen, it is a 100% turn key car that starts right away and sounds like a Bobbel should. All chrome is in good condition, only one side strip has a small dent.

This Volkswagen Bobbel Model 111 is on plates, so you can drive away from there upon change of ownership.

Inside the car, the sleek and functional lines continue. Everything works, all buttons, flashes and wipers. Only the sprinkler pump system has been removed by the seller (the system uses the pressure from the spare tire to get sprinkler fluid on the windshield). The sky is so nice and there are sports seats in the front. The gear knob is a wide American-inspired grip, as is the handbrake handle, and the detail continues up to the locking pawls in the doors.

This is a 100% usable piece of automotive history.


What is a Bubble

The 1971 Volkswagen Beetle Model 111 is an iconic car that has left an indelible mark on automotive history. This charming trolley is known for its distinctive bubble-shaped design that has won hearts across the globe. With its rounded body and distinctive details, the Beetle 111 is a symbol of timeless aesthetics and reliable performance.

Under the hood, you’ll find a reliable and efficient air-cooled engine that provided adequate power for its time. This compact car was ideal for city driving and managed to deliver surprisingly good fuel economy. The cabin was functional and simple, yet spacious and comfortable, making it attractive for both individuals and families.

The Beetle 111 was admired for its reliability, durability and easy maintenance. It became part of popular culture and continues to be a beloved collector’s item and vehicle for enthusiasts. The car represents an era of simplicity, reliability and charm that still brings joy and admiration to car enthusiasts today.

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