Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint

Completely original Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint. Stands in super fine condition, nice paint, nice cabin and good seats with little visible wear.

This car has had the same owner for 30 years and has been well cared for, which is clear to see. And the car’s low mileage figures also testify that the car has been used for enjoyment.
There is no rust in the car, as it was driven in Spain until 2018, when it was imported to Denmark.

The Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint is a sporty version of the popular Opel Kadett series and was produced in 1989. This car has a number of impressive specifications and features:

The engine is a 2.0-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine that produces 129 horsepower and powerful Nm of torque. This powerful engine enables the car to accelerate quickly and deliver impressive performance on the road, by the standards of the time.

The transmission was either a five-speed manual gearbox or an optional four-speed automatic transmission, giving the driver flexibility in choosing the driving experience.

The car has sports suspension and sports undercarriage to improve its ride and handling. The sporty character is also reflected in the car’s design with unique details like the spoiler and sporty rims.

The cabin design is ergonomic and comfortable with sports seats and a sporty steering wheel. Equipment such as power windows and central locking are also included as standard.

It quickly became popular among enthusiasts thanks to its combination of powerful engine, sporty features and stylish design, earning it a special place in automotive history.

The car is sold by a dealer, so you can get the plates on and drive home the same day.


What is a Kadett 2.0 GSi

Introduced in the late 1980s, the Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint represents a time in automotive history when compact and sporty cars gained popularity.
This model exemplifies Opel’s commitment to combining practicality with sporty performance.
Under the hood was a powerful 2.0-liter engine that gave the Kadett GSi Sprint impressive acceleration and response. This compact hatchback was recognized for its agile driving experience and sports car-inspired characteristics.
The design of the Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint reflected its sporty character with aerodynamic lines and striking details. The distinctive “GSi” branding and dynamic wheel curves added to the car’s visual appeal.
The interior combined practicality with sporty comfort. With its focused driving environment and modern equipment, the Kadett GSi Sprint created an enjoyable experience for both driver and passengers.
The Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Sprint remained a popular car in the compact sports car segment, recalling an era when car enthusiasts could enjoy the dynamics and soul of a sporty driving experience in a practical package.

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