MG M Le Mans

This MG M (Midget) has an exciting Danish history since 1982, when it was repurchased from England.
Here at home, it is being disassembled and restored by enthusiast and co-founder of MG Klub Danmark, Svend Carstensen from Dragør.
This is an incredibly charming and unique car. The car is in good technical and renovated condition.
The engine is a 0.8 liter petrol engine with overhead camshaft, and it is the smallest car to have ever raced and completed the legendary 24 Hours of LeMans. In the video, the motor shoots a little, however, this has been fixed and adjusted and it now purrs like a cat.


What is an MG M Le Mans

The 1930 car is an iconic sports car that has left its mark on automotive history with its impressive performance and stylish design. The story behind this legendary car begins in the interwar period, when MG (Morris Garages) was known for producing sports cars that combined driving pleasure and affordability.

In the early 1930s, MG wanted to enter the prestigious 24-hour race at Le Mans in France, which had already established itself as one of the world’s most challenging and respected races. This led to the development of the MG M-type, which later became known as the MG M Le Mans.

This MG was introduced in 1928 as an upgraded version of the MG M-type, which had already gained popularity among motorsport enthusiasts. The new model was designed to meet the specific demands and challenges of the Le Mans race. The car was powered by an 847 cc four-cylinder engine that delivered impressive performance for its time.


That’s why it’s called Le Mans

In 1930, the car made its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and made an immediate impact on the motorsport world. The car’s reliability, speed and agile handling made it a serious contender and it achieved an impressive scorecard.

This success cemented MG M Le Mans’ reputation as a reliable and competitive sports car. The car became a symbol of MG’s motorsport prowess and attracted the attention of car enthusiasts around the world. MG continued to produce variations of the M Le Mans that were updated and improved over time to remain competitive in the ever-evolving world of motorsport.

The 1930 MG M Le Mans is not only known for its performance on the race track, but also for its elegant and aerodynamic design. The car’s streamlined bodywork and distinctive grille added to its visual appeal and cemented its place as a true classic.

Although the years have passed and technology has evolved, the legacy of MG M Le Mans lives on. It has inspired subsequent generations of sports cars and continues to be an icon in the world of motorsport. This legendary 1930s car remains a symbol of MG’s commitment to motorsport and their ability to combine style and performance in a unique way.

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