Mercedes-Benz G500

Mercedes-Benz G-Class G500 on full Danish tax.

It was previously a Mercedes show car in Frankfurt. That’s why it’s also fully loaded with extra equipment.
The car has been in G-class collector’s possession so it has been cared for to the letter.
It is in very good condition, with expected partina for its age.

Work performed

Fitted new catalytic converter
New deflector switch and arm as well as long and short light changed
New battery
El. chairs guide rope
Faulty wiring
4 x new complete new brake discs and pads on front and rear brakes
4 x new shock absorbers
4 x new springs
Rust boil in roof rope
Car disassembled for complete repaint and color change to deep black, assembled with new clips door moldings etc.

Then undercarriage treated, Air-con serviced, including new evaporator.
Complete refurbishment of front and rear differential with new chrome and pinion, bearing bushes and differential, bushes and universal joints.

Major service performed at km 280,000 incl. gearbox etc.
Control unit for gearbox replacement.
New airbag in the steering wheel.
New exterior mirrors with indicators
Interior door handles replaced with new ones
Left drive axle and hub replaced with new. (due to error from differential refurbishment.)

In total, maintained and improved for more than 185.000,- over the last 4 years.
Next inspection: 25-07-2025

What is a G-Class or G-Wagon

The Mercedes-Benz G500, introduced in 1998, represents an iconic part of the German automaker’s heritage. This robust all-wheel drive SUV is part of the G-Class, also known as Geländewagen or G-Wagen, which was originally developed as a military vehicle. The G500 marked a transition period for the G-Wagen from a purely utilitarian car to a luxury off-roader.

Under the hood was a powerful V8 engine that delivered impressive performance both on and off-road. The G500 combined Mercedes-Benz’s renowned luxury and comfort with off-road capabilities, making it a versatile choice for car enthusiasts.

The design retained the G-Class’ characteristic angular and distinctive appearance, which contributed to the car’s unique appeal. The interior offered premium materials and advanced technologies, creating a comfortable driving experience for both driver and passengers.

The 1998 G500 left a lasting impression as a luxury off-roader and contributed to the G-Class’ enduring popularity in the years that followed. That combination of strength, performance and elegance defined the G500 as a timeless classic in the SUV world.


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