Mercedes 200/8 W115

A turn key Mercedes 200/8 W115 – 1975 on historic plates ready to buy and drive home.

This car originally came from a barn in Sweden, where it was rescued by the seller. The seller has given it a new lease of life and a refurbishment, but kept the car exactly as it was found in the Swedish barn.
The car is registered and on Danish black historical plates. The car has been inspected and at almost 50 years old, it is a vintage car and will not be inspected again until 2030.

Use as is or renovate

The Merc starts and runs fine. It sounds great in the engine and has a smooth, solid and safe idle. The cabin is very nice and completely original. There’s a small hole in the driver’s seat, but otherwise the whole cabin plays. The doors open and close as only a Mercedes can do.

The instrumentation is simple and aesthetic and again, in great condition. Even the ceiling is completely tight and nothing is sagging, so the condition is very good here too. The radio is unfortunately a more modern radio that does not fit the car, but can be replaced. Heat and cold blower works flawlessly

The paint on this Mercedes 200/8 W115 isn’t the prettiest, but it’s definitely serviceable. There are rust spots all around the car, nothing serious but they are there and are shown in the pictures all around. Before the door latch pawl drops down and locks easily, so it needs to be tightened as it can become a problem if you leave the key in the ignition and close the door.

The bottom has been Tectyled many times and the seller says there is no rust in the sides or bottom – it is also extremely healthy.

Chrome plays

All chrome strips are in very good condition and none are broken or have major scratches. The windshield has a blue sun stripe at the top.

You can use the car as it is and take care of it. You can also have it completely fixed up, as this is a great base to move on easily to a perfect result.

It comes with a pallet of spare parts, everything from lights, moldings to a lot of small parts.


What is a 200/8


The Mercedes W115, also known as the “Strich Acht,” is a classic car model that was produced from 1968 to 1976. The model also became known as the Mercedes-Benz W115.

The Mercedes 200/8 is an iconic vehicle that is still admired today. This car is known for its timeless elegance and durability. With its distinctive front grille and round headlights, it exudes a classic and sophisticated aura.

Under the hood is a reliable 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers solid performance. This engine was known for its agility and durability, making it a reliable choice for car owners.

Inside, the Mercedes 200/8 W115 offers a comfortable and well-equipped cabin. Quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship characterize the car’s interior. The spacious cabin gives passengers a comfortable driving experience.

The handling is high quality and the car is known for its stability on the road. It delivers a comfortable and smooth driving experience, making it suitable for both city driving and long highway trips.

The Mercedes 200/8 is a car that represents the era of classic vehicles. This model has a unique charm that continues to fascinate enthusiasts and collectors today.

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