Mazda 626 Coupe GLS

A classic Mazda 626 Coupé GLS in the right blue metal paint and in great condition.

Probably one of the three most beautiful models Mazda has designed. The car is very nice inside and out. There are small patinated areas, but nothing that spoils the overall impression of the car. If you want a perfect model, it doesn’t take much to make this car stand up straight.

This Mazda Coupé has only 129.000 km. and was first registered in Denmark in 2005. The Mazda is a GLS with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder and reliable engine.
The car has no rust in the load-bearing parts. There is a little rust on a fender edge and by the door, as can be seen in the pictures.
The car is a turn key car, so you can drive home.

Bilrevyen wrote in 1979 “The Coupe version is, if possible, even more clearly designed with European traditions”. “It is a very welcome Europeanization of the former Japanese-American line.


Classic Japanese

The 1979 Mazda 626 coupe GLS is a classic Japanese car that has left a lasting impression on the automotive world.

This coupe model from Mazda represents an era of car manufacturing where cars were designed with simple and timeless lines. The bodywork of the Mazda coupe is sleek and streamlined, giving the car a sporty look that still holds up today.

Under the hood you’ll find a reliable and fuel-efficient engine. The engine in this 1979 GLS coupe is four-cylinder, which combines reasonable performance with good fuel economy. This makes the car a sensible solution for both daily commuting and longer trips.

The interior of the Mazda is well-equipped and comfortable. The car can accommodate up to four passengers and the seats are well padded for a comfortable driving experience. The dashboard is simple and uncluttered, making it easy to operate the car’s functions.

The driving characteristics of this Mazda are also remarkable. It has a good balance between comfort and driving dynamics and handles the roads in a stable way. The steering is precise, making this classic fun to drive.

The Mazda 626 coupe is also known for its reliability and durability. Many of these cars are still on the road today, which is a testament to their quality and construction.

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