Land Rover 101 FC

This Land Rover 101 FC – 1977 is one of the later produced. The car model was in production from 1972 to 1978. But the development of the car started as early as 1968. The car was developed for the British military as a ‘Gun Tractor’, i.e. to pull a Light Gun 118 from position to position, as well as 1 ton of ammunition. And it did, and did it fantastically. The car has phenomenal handling when it’s not on the road. Fields, armored tracks, and fields are its favorite places to drive.

FC stands for Forward Control.

Almost all the cars are produced as ‘Rag Top’, i.e. with a rag on the truck bed. But some were converted to ambulances etc. and therefore had a hard top over the body. The Land Rover 101 FC as seen here is called a GS (General Service).

A total of 2669 of the model have been built. This Land Rover 101 FC – 1977 is a GS model.
Out of them; 579 are ambulances, 21 V,a,m,m,p,i,r,e, about 2o Radio bodies and the rest are GSs.

Almost all of the vehicles started as GS-ers, the other models are rebuilt GS-ers, in addition to the 4 types mentioned, there have been limited conversions for special purposes.

  • The gearbox is an LT95 with 4 gears. However, it does provide permanent 4-wheel drive and lockable center diff,
  • high/low axle
  • Salisbury front and rear
  • Suspension 2-layer parabolic front and rear
  • Wheel size, 6-hole 900×16
  • length, 4.1 m
  • Width 1.8 m
  • Height 2.1 m
  • Turning radius 11.3 m
  • Weight 1924 kg, depending on equipment
  • Electrical systems, 12 volts and 24 volts on 60% of production
  • Front and rear electric winches,

The car is vintage car inspected and on white license plates. Next inspection: 19-05-2029 8 years, and there

This is a very rare item and really fun car that can be used for everything from hunting, advertising, to fun and investment etc. as this car is completely original with very little patina.


What is a Land Rover 101 FC

The 1977 Land Rover 101 FC (Forward Control) is a rugged and military vehicle that served in the British military and other military forces around the world. Produced as part of Land Rover’s military product line, this off-road truck has an excellent ability to handle challenging terrain.

The vehicle is powered by a reliable 3.5 liter V8 engine and is known for its strength and traction, which made it suitable for military purposes, including transporting personnel and equipment.

The Land Rover 101 FC’s design makes it easy to transport heavy loads and handle military equipment.

The vehicle was also used as a platform for various military configurations, including rocket launchers and radar equipment. It was recognized for its versatility and could adapt to different roles in military service.

The 1977 Land Rover 101 FC has an interesting history as a reliable military vehicle and has become a popular collector’s item among Land Rover enthusiasts.

Its outstanding ability to cope with demanding terrain and robust design has ensured it remains a legendary part of military vehicle heritage.

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