Ford Super deluxe Tudor Sedan

This Ford Super deluxe Tudor Sedan -1947 is a well-preserved and rust-free car with 57,565 original miles (92,104 km.). It’s equipped with the original Ford 239 (3.9L) flathead V8 that runs well and super smoothly, and the 3-speed manual transmission that just works. The car has a steering wheel gear and is a pleasure to cruise in.

Ford Super deluxe Tudor Sedan – 1947 was the pinnacle of Ford models, just behind the Lincolns. The seller imported the car to Denmark at the end of 2017. The car was purchased from an estate after the owner died. The car was then driven to Dallas, Texas, where the seller bought it from.

The car stayed in Shreveport, Louisiana, but there’s a sticker from Wyoming from 1974-75, so we assume it spent some of its life there.

The floors and bodywork are very nice and no rust work will be needed to get the car inspected. The color is reddish brown with some mettalic effect. The car has been repainted, but the paint is quite nice and deep. The paint does have some chips and small bubbles, but this is something that can be fixed easily, and if you want a perfect car, this is a sublime car to use.

Very nice gray tweed upholstery. The original dashboard is in very good condition, with all the period details.
The front and rear bumpers have both been chromed.
New period-correct steel rims with hub caps and trim rings for a really nice looking profile.
Classic bias-ply tires.
The hood doesn’t close properly, but it works.

The shock absorbers are original and not lowered.
A new 6-volt battery will be included in the sale of the vehicle.

The car needs a little love and attention to the little things and details.
Brakes need to be adjusted and cleaned.
The steering eye is a little tight.
A beautifully preserved collector’s car.

The car is WITHOUT Danish tax but is of course a vintage car and therefore the cheap vintage tax.

What is a Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor Sedan

The Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan is an iconic car model from Ford that was produced from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s. This model represents the era of classic American cars and symbolizes a time of automotive industrial revolution.

With its distinctive design and robust construction, the Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan attracted the attention of car enthusiasts and ordinary consumers alike. It is known for its timeless appearance with a streamlined body, chrome details and distinctive lines that reflect the aesthetics of the period.

Inside, the Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan offered comfortable seating for passengers and spaciousness for luggage. It was powered by a powerful engine that gave it enough power and performance to tackle both city driving and country roads.

This model became a symbol of the American dream and car culture in the 20th century. The Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan became not only a means of transportation, but also a symbol of status and style.

Although original production of the Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan ended many years ago, it remains a coveted collector’s item and an iconic symbol of an era in automotive history that continues to inspire car enthusiasts and collectors around the world.



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