Ford Escort 16v CLX 1996

Ford Escort 16v CLX 1996, can it really become a desirable youngtimer car? The short answer is no – and yet ABSOLUTELY yes!

If you take a regular Ford Escort 16v CLX 1996, it’s probably rusted away, having driven around the world 10 times.

Only one jacket

But ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present one of the world’s finest examples of a 100% original Ford Escort CLX 1996. The car is a one owner car. There has NEVER been anyone in the back seat. The only things that have been in the back seat are a bag and a jacket. This is according to the owner, who used to be a teacher.

The car is as it was when it left the factory, it has complied with all service inspections and the book is of course fully stamped. It has spent its entire life in a dry and heated garage.

If you want to check the car’s history, look up the license plate number to see the mileage. history.

If you buy the car here, you can settle into a full velour cabin. Turn on the tape recorder and enjoy the open road in what is a great youngtimer and future classic. Naturally, it has colored bumpers and a 16V emblem on the tailgate.

This Ford Escort was inspected on 22-03-2022.


What is a Ford Escort

The 1996 Ford Escort 1.6i 16v CLX is a compact car that was popular on the Danish market in its day. It is equipped with a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine that delivers good performance and fuel efficiency for its time.

The model has a modern and contemporary aesthetic, with an aerodynamic design and soft lines.

The interior of the Ford Escort 1.6i 16v CLX was functional and ergonomic, with room for five passengers. It has comfortable seats and basic convenience features like power windows and central locking. The trunk space was sufficient to fulfill daily transportation needs.

The handling is good, with a balanced suspension and steering that makes it easy to maneuver in the city as well as on the highway. It is known for its reliability and relatively low maintenance costs.

All in all, the Ford Escort 1.6i 16v CLX is a car that offers a good combination of performance, comfort and economy, making it attractive to many car buyers in the Danish market at the time.

But this one still is.

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