Fisker Karma EcoChic 4d

Top model of the Fisker Karma EcoChic 4d “non animal” Alcantara. The car is in almost new condition and has all possible updates, such as the reinforced electric motors, the best software in the car’s control system.

The car has been dry and good for approx. 6 years in the hall at the importer in DK until the seller came into possession of it, hence the low mileage and super nice condition.

Test PC and special adapter can be purchased.
Annual expenditure: approx. 7000k

The 2011 Fisker Karma EcoChic 4d is a remarkable plug-in hybrid sports sedan that combines impressive performance with sustainability. Created by American automaker Fisker Automotive, this luxury car focuses on delivering a unique and eco-friendly driving experience.

The car impresses with its striking and aerodynamic design. The car is powered by two electric motors and a four-cylinder gasoline engine, giving it an impressive combination of electric range and extra power when needed. This hybrid setup makes the Karma EcoChic 4d an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on driving pleasure and performance.

The interior is elegant and spacious, using sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled fabric. The advanced infotainment system and technological features emphasize the car’s modern character.

This model is a milestone in sustainable driving technology and has been an inspiration for the growing interest in environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The 2011 Fisker Karma EcoChic 4d remains a symbol of luxury and responsibility in the automotive industry.

It is being sold solely because the seller is expanding his specialized business in electric and plug-in cars.

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