FIAT 128 SL – Super Lusso

En sporty perle fra Fiat, nemlig 128 SL - Super Lusso. Er funder på et tidligere bilmuseum, Museo Tonutti, i Norditalien.

Fiat 128 SL means Super Lusso.

Fiat has always been known for mastering the small car, and they still do to this day. Then you have the opportunity to race through the winding streets of Italian cities. Or even more fun, take a drive on the many beautiful mountain roads.

But if we go back in time, Fiat produced a lot of little gems. One of them is definitely this relatively rare Fiat 128 SL (not 3P three ports). “SL” stands for “Super Lusso”, which in Danish means “Super Luksus”. The car was originally equipped with a 1,100 engine, but the seller has converted it to a 1,400 engine, which suits the sporty look much better. (1.100 engine included with purchase).

This 1972 Fiat 128 SL was found inside a former car museum, Museo Tonutti, in Northern Italy. Here, the car has been stationary for 30 years. The engine has been replaced with a 1,400cc engine that produces 78hp.
The engine is fully serviced in 2021. Mechanical inspection done and the entire exhaust system has been replaced with a new one. In 2020, the Weber carburetor was inspected and cleaned. Tires are replaced at the same time.
The bottom of the car is so nice and rust-free!

The seller has chosen to keep the bodywork without restoration, as it is in excellent condition. There are only a few minor scratches, probably more what we would call 50 years of historical and preservation-worthy patina.
There are some small paint scratches that can be easily repaired, but in no way spoil the overall impression of this Super Lusso. There is no rust in cars.

When you step into this Fiat 128 SL, you’ll be greeted by a stunningly beautiful, original and well-preserved interior that instantly takes you back in time and puts a big smile on you and your passengers’ faces.

The entire Fiat was serviced in Italy in June 2023, but is now here at home in Denmark, ready for new adventures with a new owner on Danish or European roads.

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