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This triple blue Buick is the 2nd generation of the model. 7,158 of these models were produced. Very few are left. I think there are 4 in Denmark. This is the top model from Buick for 1961.
Look at all the design details. At 225 inches, it’s a long car, a really long car – converted 571.5 cm. which is close to 6 meters long.

Very original rust-free California car shows 34,000 miles. 401 (6.6L) Buick nailhead V8, newly built with 325 horsepower.

Fully rebuilt dynaflow automatic transmission.
New factory-style exhause system. New resleeved front aluminum drums and fresh brakes all around. 5 wide white radial tires driven 100 miles.
New shock absorbers.
New Hartz cancas convertible top with new pump and cylinders.
Beautiful heavy leather interior with the option of rare bucket seats.
New windshield with new rubber seal. (Very difficult to install without cracking the curved windshield).
New weather stripping is included with the car.

All trim is very nice with nice chrome.
The front bumper shows some spots of chrome that pop and need to be redone.

The car was painted 18 years ago, but looks great with a few small dents and scratches. Has a built-in RCA 45 rpm turntable.

Electric windows, all of which work fine.
The window frames have some rust. A complete set of 4 correct window frames with good chrome is included with the car. These are extremely difficult to find in good condition because they are only for 1961 convertibles.
A new right mirror is included.
Includes 4 extra wheel covers for the car.
There are plenty of spare parts included with the car.
I think everything is there to complete the car.
Take a look at the images to see what’s included.
The doors and front screens need to be adjusted, they didn’t adjust them properly after the painter.
The car needs a lot of small adjustments – bigger ones just need a little time and a loving hand.
Great investment and a pleasure to drive such a beautiful car. I don’t have time to finish the job.

Danish reg. tax approx. 8.000 kr.)
The seller’s description above is according to the seller’s best ability and perception of the car’s history and condition.

What is a Buick Electra 225 Convertible

The Buick Electra 225 Convertible is a classic and iconic car model from the American car company Buick that dates back to the mid-20th century. The model is a full-size luxury sedan that stands out in particular due to its impressive 225-inch length, which is also reflected in the name “Electra 225”.

This convertible variant of the Buick Electra 225 is known for its elegant and open bodywork, making it a sought-after classic among car enthusiasts. The open roof solution contributes to a luxurious driving experience and adds a timeless appeal to the car’s design. Often associated with the 1960s and 1970s era of American luxury cars, the Buick Electra 225 Convertible represents a piece of automotive history where comfort, spaciousness and style were paramount.

With its impressive size and charming looks, the Buick Electra 225 Convertible has made history as a car that exudes elegance and symbolizes an era of sophisticated driving.

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