Porsche 928 S

Porsche 928S har efterladt et varigt indtryk som en sofistikeret og teknologisk avanceret sportsvogn, der bryder med konventionerne og forbliver et ikon.

Here you get an extremely nice Porsche 928 S. The car is imported from France and has only had two owners in total.
This Porsche is still in its original deep black paint and complete black leather cabin.
The car has low mileage and is fully documented
Sold without DK reg. tax

What is a Porsche 928 S

The Porsche 928S was introduced in 1979 as an upgraded version of the original 928. It represents a unique and groundbreaking approach to sports car design.
This model encapsulated Porsche’s pursuit of innovation and exclusivity.

Under the hood, this car houses a powerful V8 engine that combines impressive performance with exceptional handling.
The advanced suspension and balanced chassis contribute to a dynamic and comfortable driving experience.

The design of the 928 is a masterpiece of contemporary modern aesthetics.
The distinctive streamlined body design and telescopic headlights create a futuristic look that set it apart from other sports cars of the era.

The interior continued Porsche’s tradition of premium craftsmanship and focused on driver-centered ergonomics.
The spacious cabin and advanced technologies emphasized the car’s exclusivity.

The Porsche 928S has left a lasting impression as a sophisticated and technologically advanced sports car that breaks with convention and remains an icon in the automotive world. Its legacy as a stylish gran turismo machine lives on and is admired by car enthusiasts around the world and here at home.

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