BMW M550i XD A

Muligvis den bedste, mest harmoniske og brutale super sedan du kan få, uden at gå på kompromis med accelerationer, fart og lyd. Og så måske i den bedste farvekombination der er på BMWs program.

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This BMW M550i XD A is one of the most perfect super sedans made in recent times. And this one is just the right color combination. Fitted with the M-spoiler on the tailgate and two large angular tailpipes, it looks absolutely stunning. Wrapped up in the M Aerodynamics Package.

The paint is called Carbon Schwartz and looks blue in the sun, but in the shade it turns almost completely black. The interior is called Dakota/elfenbein-weiss and is the perfect color for the paint. The car has a good list of equipment, which you can find further down the page. These include a sunroof, four-wheel drive, adjustable climate control for the rear seats and much more.

The car is well cared for and the seller is an avid BMW collector who takes care of his cars, perhaps that’s why he has fitted original LCI taillights.

This car is sold without tax and VAT can be deducted, making it ideal for leasing.

Drivers car

BMW has for many years been known for their drivers car, and in particular their motorsport division – M.
BMW M has always stood for the very best you could get from BMW when it comes to street cars, super saloons and tourings. You’ll remember their M5 V10, which was available in both sedan and touring.
The M5 is the wildest in the 5-series.

But then something happened. BMW began producing a class just below the M-class called the M550i. It’s a bit similar to Audi’s S versus RS. However, it just so happens that this BMW M550i is actually a better buy and perhaps even a better car than the M5 in the same model.

Did BMW make a foot fault?
They most certainly have not!

But this BMW M550i XD A is about as close to perfect as you can get in a brutal, fast, elegant and understated super-sedan today.
It has the same engine block as the M5. But there are a lot of parts the M5 has that the M550i has had to do without. But in the M550i, you save a shitload of money that you can spend on a vacation, a watch or something else, and still be under 4 seconds from 0-100, ensuring you’ll never be late for your board meeting.

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